TheRealManifest, he's a rare commodity, a powerhouse with artistic and street credibility, making him one of eastcoast raps' most distinctive up and coming talents. Using his life experiences as the fuel to spark the flames representing his life struggle. TheRealManifest joined a group call LNF (Leaders Never Followers) launching the talented teen into the world of underground radio shows, including New York's Night Hawks with DJ Red Bandit. Manifest has collaborated with DJ's such as: Don Damarco of Desert Storm, DJ Honda, DJ Scratches, DJ Hurricane, DJ Simonsez, DJ N.O., DJ Cassius Clay, Dj Cool V, and promoter Master Moo. TheRealManifest has also worked with artists such as: Harlem Red, Mysonne, Quess, E Hustle just to name a few. Soon Manifest came together with DJ Honda, which resulted in the creation of the multi-platinum record featuring the hit songs "The Eclipse" and "We Don't Play". This took TheRealManifest on tour in Japan. Once back in the States, TheRealManifest ran into childhood friend, P. Swagger, who had similar interests in music. Together they formed "Hostile Takeover". TheRealManifest has also formed the powerful movement M.O.E. which stands for Money Over Emotions. TheRealManifest now works with talented UK artist and partner Nikki Blaze on an international project already capturing the interest of fans. Be on the look out for "OF COURSS"